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Stanley ann dunham nude pictures

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There is a distinctive grain to the wood floors. John April 19, at 8: This reminds me of a Maddow show where some republican idiot was spreading rumors of a rival being gay Skeptic1 February 2, at I started pointing out in June that conservatives MUST have the backs of conservative politicians and candidates or our best and brightest will be driven from the marketplace of ideas.

Posted by Bol Permalink. Nude girl in the bed. Unknown December 9, at Or is your mother a strong woman who demanded respect for her ideas and always received it? Has this been debunked anywhere? But if you look at the many, many photos of Ann Dunham and the naked girl in the pictures -- especially you can see her teeth; she has some recessed teeth on the left side -- it's very obviously Ann Dunham.

Three of the photos were originally posted on the website of The Astute Bloggers in Octoberwhere it was claimed that they had been forwarded by a reader. Stanley ann dunham nude pictures. If Joel Gilbert is out to lunch, why doesn't Obama submit to a paternity test one with a rock solid chain of custody and multiple, independent labs confirming the results and put all the critics to rest.

A thread by little 'ol me in the Conspiracy Theories forum of the JREF forum is hardly going to do much to spread the meme compared to the coverage in these mainstream news sites. Published in a men's magazine. Originally Posted by MG But whats the point of the post. I have displayed on this web-site! Originally Posted by SezMe Gawd that's disgusting. E-mails from crazy people Next post: That's right, it's the exact same setting as the 'Ann' photos.

That's an interesting concept. Marques houston naked video. Last edited by Rebel Yellow ; 30th September at Originally Posted by Puppycow Apparently there's some claims on the internet Two months later, she dropped out of the University of Hawaii. We are not supposed to vote for someone because his mom was in dirty pictures? How could Lolo Soetoro be listed here is they were not married until ? Surprisingly, Boldeagele appears not to have asked Gilbert this fundamental question. Probably the face was photoshopped on to the body as well.

Because it is roughly the size of a quark? On the 'Breaking News' portion of his website: MCM 2, 20 Is it indeed Barack Obama's mother in those pictures? She was an atheist and a communist, Marxist socialist, just as her parents had been and just as the men she chose to be in her life had been.

Stanley ann dunham nude pictures
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Find More Posts by mhill And this isn't about the theory that Frank Marshall Davis is Obama's real father. Fucking girl with big cock. Ilya Melamed - What reasons do you have for believing either of those are probable? He didn't because he couldn't.

An unauthentic Aussie blog site claims to have discovered Ann Dunham's nude photos but those photos obviously show that the model in those nude photos is just a look-alike of Ann Dunham and even the original poster of those photos is not sure about authenticity at all. Unknown November 6, at 6: Originally Posted by SezMe Gawd that's disgusting.

Send a private message to Rock-it Man. Copyright by Cynthia Yockey, all rights reserved. First, Gilbert did not cite exactly which issues his purported photos come from. Find More Posts by dc CraigHS October 21, at I do research including genealogical and had downloaded everything I could find. Stanley ann dunham nude pictures. Since we really don't know who Obama is, why don't we DNA test him? SIMEL - we're dealing with whether a claim has any credibility.

This site uses cookies to deliver our services and to show you relevant ads and job listings. Further up this post, there's a screenshot of Gilbert's own website, with a video still that shows the woman he claims is 'Ann' sitting on a couch, pulling a black opera glove onto her left arm.

There probably is a real birth certificate then with Davis' name on it and Obama stumbled across it. Old lesbian sex tube. I know you're not doing anything illegal or morally disgusting because it's not Annbut what are you telling yourselves? Last edited by R. How about we just forcibly remove him lynch him properly clean out the politicians and start back at the beginning of the constitution.

After four years of invective, four years during which the right has called President Obama a traitor, a communist, a fraud, an affirmative-action case, a terrorist-sympathizer, and a tyrant, its shrillest voices have been reduced to the most primal insult of all.

But look at the chair she's seated on. But this assault on Palin is too disgusting.

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Newer Post Older Post Home. Or is your mother a strong woman who demanded respect for her ideas and always received it? Barry will briefly see his alleged father again inwhen he is about eight years old, only to have to say goodbye to him. He looks more like gramps

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Send a private message to 6spdC6. What are the chances that it's some pathetic muck-raking exercise do you think? Thanked 4 Times in 2 Posts. Free big tit mom movies. Tea Party groups and conservative churches are screening it. Shy wife tits If part of the document is false, then how can you trust the entire thing?

We have linked them to our findings and we will continue to add to this page as more is revealed to us:. So the photos are relevant to understanding Obama, his duplicities and his lack of a conscience, especially for the people who are just waking up to the possibility that the real way he is unlike any previous president is not his race, but his intentions toward the U.

But people can decide whether to allow this sort of drivel into the political discourse. On second thought, maybe not There's a striking resemblance and a possibility it could be her. Stanley ann dunham nude pictures. Thanked 17 Times in 13 Posts. Less than four years into the unlikely marriage, Ann divorces the Kenyan bigamist. Yet, there is a document that the left has been using to prove that she was indeed married to Sr.

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Naked sex on vimeo And they typically don't go after well educated, responsible black men A Skeptic's Guide to Birtherism. To cope with the pain and low self esteem of childhood trauma, the ego creates a false Superman.
NUDE FARM GIRL PICS Subscribe to RSS headline updates from: True or not, what's the point of belaboring over the inconsequential?
Pinay girls nude photos Some guy claims he stumbled upon some naked pictures of Barack Obama's mother, and he's posted them to the Internets.

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