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BusterHymen was written on September 9, She has a brief butt shot while having sex on the beach with Modine. But the topless scene in 'Fast Times at Ridgemont High' was funny, which made it easy. Belinda naked pics. Phoebe cates nude photos. One of the most memorable nude scenes that's on par with Kevin Bacon's nude scene in "Wild Things" Phoebe has 5 scenes either nude or partially nude.

She then pulls up the covers just enough so she can take a look at his penis while he sleeps. The photo gallery is ranked by votes, hottest first. Look elsewhere for better Phoebe nudity eg. Young, attractive and slim, she has a super body and you get to see a fair bit in this movie. Slow-mo shot of breasts after opening bikini top during Brad Hamilton's Judge Reinhold masturbation fantasy. One of the best nude performances on film, ever. She reveals her very nice medium-sized breasts. American pie nude pictures. This is the stuff that dreams are made of.

Fast Times at Ridgemont High star Phoebe Cates showing us her amazing ass and breasts while standing underneath a waterfall in fully nude splendor. At 42 minutes we her naked from behind. Phoebe Cates shows everyone what we want to see! In spite of the poor atmospheric! The nudity is plentiful and not disappointing in the least - expecting more would be wanting porn. The scene could have went further but hey I wasn't the director. Lots of pert little tush and full backal nudity and brief left tit, no nipple, and possible pussy lip flash when swimming through rock channel.

We get a lot of very good looks at Phoebe's ass and chest. At 63 minutes she goes skinny dipping at sunset. Also, many have copied the idea of this scene. The movie is about two teens alone in the sarra. This is possibly one of the greatest boob shots ever. Disabled girl gets fucked. There's also the closing moon shot. Darkened large butt from a distance while showering in a waterfall.

We then see Phoebe lying naked on her side on the sand, showing her ass while embracing a guy. When wet they show a shadow of bush and the damp material really clings into One of my favorite nude scenes of all time. There are a ton of other scenes, including a great shower scene which displays her near perfect ass and an intense sex scene in a field where you get a great close-up on her tits.

Paradise Phoebe Cates Phoebe Cates fully nude as she leans over a guy, and then we see her laying underneath him as he plays with her nipple. This scene is placed perfectly with Judge Reinhold pleasuring himself in the bathroom.

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Such beauty she has, even for a seventeen year old at the time she did this movie.

We get a few very partial views of her butt from up close, and see slightly more of it in the more distant shots. Sexy dark angel girl. This is the topless scene that all others are measured by. Every hot girl wanted to be Phoebe Cates in the 80s, even though she didn't adhere to the traditional "huge breasts, blonde hair" stereotype at the time. Left breast with nipple when corset gets wet.

You see her ass and breasts for a long while, and they're dripping and delicious looking. Phoebe cates nude photos. Well according to her birthdate from the IMDb she was born in The movie itself is mindless The photo gallery is ranked by votes, hottest first. Cyclone was written on January 22, ERIC was written on June 26, She opens her bikini and shows off her wet, lovely breasts. The lingering shower under the waterfall, the swim, the sneeking to take a peek at what's-his-faces goodies. A good flick for fans of the female derriere.

Phoebe is in several scenes one she is in a bath standing up; too she is in a shower al waterfalls' and she is swimming with the camera looking up at her. Phoebe has many nude scenes in this movie, but in my opinion, most of the scenes are pretty weak.

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She comes outta the pool and undoes her bikini top. Bajan girls naked. Phoebe Cates stripping down fully nude and then running naked into the water to go skinny dipping in the ocean. Not much of a plot to be honest, someone said Blue Lagoon in the desert and that sums it up; but worth the stars for Phoebe Cates. Although it is brief, the impression is memorable and oh-so sweet. This scene is a classic scene which others have been judged by. Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

If released in but made a year before, Phoebe Cates would 17 or 18 when she made his movie, starring as Sarah. She swims over the camera and you get a great shot of her tits and bush. French kissing lesbian porn. They're nice tits, and it's a good scene, but I still don't understand the fuss. The movie is about two teens alone in the sarra. Bikini-clad, sexy and and just generally amazing pictures of Phoebe Cates -- the girl who defined the dreams of every adolescent boy in the 80s -- ranked by hotness.

Phoebe Cates seen naked from behind as she washes herself in a pool of water. Accessible, yet unachievable, here are 50 reasons why Phoebe Cates is the sexiest girl that came out of the 80s.

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