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Nude pics of joseline hernandez

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So can we put the Jose Is A Man rumors to rest now? Get it together boooo!!! I hope Mimi is NOT dumb enough to let him do her again after doing a man, but she dumb as hell anyway. Lesbian bathroom videos. Hell, her mom could have given her someone elses last name.

It's not the first time the public has prompted the reality star to expose herself. She needs a better pimp, oops I mean boyfriend, no no I mean manager. Nude pics of joseline hernandez. Please Check it out!

Plastic surgery is available to everyone now. Joseline put her Miami stripper money to use and got herself a boobjob. Sounds like we have a possible new Marlo Hampton on our hands with all these secret arrests. Learn a persons history and culture before you ASSume the origins of a last name. She need to get more than spelling correct her speech isn't on point either.

And honey you can do better that rat face please do so, your are much better than that. Lesbian fashion trends 2017. For one, how does any woman allow any man to humiliate her and in a public arena at that?

She needs to shave that wolf monkey. Steebie needs to just admit that he is in love with that woman and has more fun with her than he ever did with Mimi. So she needs to understand she's putting things out there that people in the real world know to be true or a ball face lie.

And her boob job looks better nude than in clothes. Or did she just make the ish worse? I didn't hear about Mimi then.

Nude pics of joseline hernandez

And it wasn't her first arrest. Her body is nice and fit. A real woman wouldn't prove she's a woman because we know what we are, tweeting a naked photo doesn't mean anything, just like you got your boobs done, you can get that down there fixed too. STFU and go read a damn book.

I thinking the same thing. Let me see the inside of the pussy the pussy hole n clit wit her face tho n I will believe it untill then I'm convinced its a man!

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I agree judge not or be judge first. Rumors that Joseline Hernandez was really a man circulated over the Internet and prompted the recording artist and reality star to put out nude photos to prove her gender.

She need to get more than spelling correct her speech isn't on point either. Tube8 milf lesbian. The girl looks great. So after catching nonstop flack about her possibly being a man I personally think she is a woman.

Everybody, no matter how "tough" cries. The website wholesale and retail for many kinds of fashion shoes, like the nike,jordan,prada, also including the jeans,shirts,bags,hat,belt,glasses and the decorations. Nude pics of joseline hernandez. I can't imagine getting it on with my man and in the throes I'm calling him 'daddy'!?!?!

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I think the face looks nice but the boob job is terrible However, why should we care make that money!!!! Apparently she wised up and deleted the pic, but not before it was captured for us to put on blast this morning: That patch of hair on top is were it was. Even if you all really see this "penis" scar do you care enough to confront her about it?

She is a bueatiful lady, but it's her attitude that makes her blahhh. The thing is if she was pregnant and was a real woman ghetto as she sounds money hungry would have kept the baby for security At the end of the clip Stevie J. Women nude smoking. But there is no denying she looks like a man. The Examiner reported that a fan asked, "I wonder if Ms Joseline supports gay people?

Buss that pussy open I wanna see the hole n clit then I will believe he is a woman! How would you know how a transgender scars look like unless you seen them up close. Hello, Joseline look all those people who think you are a man have got to be blind, and the guys who think that are on the down low so they want you to be a man that way they'll be atracted to you. My Life is so lonely. Especially since most--if not all--of her responses to the pic on Twitter were that folks still didn't believe her.

Or did she just make the ish worse? One thing they can't say is her body ain't tight. View the discussion thread. That's the new black male ideal:

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